Friday, February 24, 2006

Upcoming Newsletter, and Cool NS News

Upcoming Newsletter
I'm putting together my latest newsletter, which will go out on Monday (AST). Highlights include the revealing of two new designs for my Cafepress shop, a sneak peek at an as-yet-untitled work, my recipe for a great mid-winter corn chowder, and more! If you've not signed up already, you can do so on the front page of my main website.

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Cool NS News
Fortress Louisbourg is a great place to visit in Cape Breton. It really takes you back to 1700s - and you HAVE to try the bread that you can buy when you first arrive, that the soldiers used to eat. It really helps you get in their mindset, eating this incredibly dense, dark bread. I've had it every time I've gone. :) In any case, the cool thing is, an outer retaining wall that was long since believed destroyed, was just uncovered by a storm surge. Archaeologists are scrambling to study it and hopefully preserve it before it gets washed away! That must be very exciting, to find something "new" from something built in the 1730s.... :D Cool!
Read more from the CBC.