Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Tribute to Molly Cat

Two weeks ago, we had to put down our eldest little cat, Molly. Named after Paul Molitor (whose nickname was Molly), one of our favorite all-time Blue Jays baseball players.

She was sweet, but still Queen of her Domain. She put Casey in her place ever since Casey was a puppy, and still years later, if Casey got over-excited about something, Molly would strut right over to her, meow loudly and smack her in the face, as if to tell her "you're being hysterical, calm yourself!". Then Casey would cry, which would confirm that she indeed, was hysterical, and would need another smack - which she received. Queen of her Domain. :)

If I was crying, however, she would come over and meow at me concernedly and quietly. She LOVED lap time -- whenever a lap was available, she'd be on it. She was a very quiet purr-er. She hung out with Baby Boy and Mr. Black as kittens, and Mr. Black followed her around lovesick till the end of his days. She loved to look out the window and watch the birdies, and make that cackling noise cats make when they REALLY want something.

But she never really got over losing her best friends Jessica Ferret and Misty Dog in short succession when she was only a few years old. She slept curled up with Misty at night, and play-stalked and attacked and was stalked and attacked in turn by Jessica - they had such good times together. And as a result of living with a ferret as a kitten, she learned what none of the other cats ever picked up - that burrowing under and sleeping under blankets is warm and comfy. But once Misty and Jessie were gone, she was a little more distant with other animals that came into our lives - it really affected her deeply.

But she's with the girls now, and they can all frolic together again. We'll miss you so much Molly - you were part of our lives for most of our time together as a couple, and we were so glad to have known you. A little barn cat, the only survivor of her litter, went on to live 16 years - a good, long life.