Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Census Time is here again!

Time for the Census once again! Got my info-note in the mail this morning. Nice to see that they only give out a small note with a code, so you can fill out the census online or call to get the full paper one mailed to you should you require it. A great way to save all that paper (and I'm sure it makes it easier for them to process too!)

So, gather everyone together and fill it out! We have 10 days to do so. I've always been interested in the census (being a former anthropology student), but much more so once I was able to get information on my ancestors through it - it was fascinating to learn my great-grandmother was a house servant at 16 while living at home, but by the time of the next census was already out of the house and married! It was a lot of fun to see the changes in the family through this medium - aside from birth and death records, really the only ones my family has, for generations that far back. I am very glad to leave behind my own record for future generations to get a small glimpse at what life was like way back in 2011...