Monday, February 20, 2006

BeanDreams, continued...

Due to budget constraints, and some last minute replacements (Vesey's was sold out of my preferred tomato - it's an exclusive they carry, very popular!), my garden plans now consist of the following:

- Pilgrim Tomato
- Gold Rush Bean, untreated
- Green Forest (Romaine) Lettuce

- Ladybird Poppy
- Empress of India Nasturtium

- Gardener's Dream Fish Fertilizer (Non-deodorized)

The order is in, and now it's just the waiting! This gives me a chance to get everything set up - where I'll keep my seedlings as they grow, awaiting transplant. Gotta have lotsa heat (to start), lotsa light, and be safe from the cats! The tomato has to be started right away, they need to be of a good size when it's time to transplant them outside. But come to think of it, the beans and lettuce are direct sow (as in, they work best if you don't transplant them - some plants don't react well to that). Hmmm...and the nasturtiums don't usually bloom till July, so that's plenty of time for them to grow outside, and poppies are another plant that don't react well to transplanting. So, I just have to start the tomatoes indoors! Cool! Our last frost date is May 6th, but it's traditional around these parts to start gardening in earnest on the long weekend (Victoria Day), around the 21st of May. We'll see how the weather is, I'll probably turn the garden ground over in early May.

So, stay tuned for more info on BeanDreams as it happens! :)

My cat is defective. I can hear him upstairs, rolling a potato around on the floor. Normal cats should not play with potatoes. What a weirdo. :)