Thursday, February 09, 2006


And so the planning continues...I consulted Vesey's extensive online help regarding growing hints for the veggies I selected. I've kept in mind companion planting. (Basicaly, it's been shown that certain plants get along so well with other plants that they both grow better - they're mutually beneficial. When you grow mutually beneficial plants together, it's called companion planting. On the other hand, some plants make very bad company together, and you have to grow them separately. There's a lot to keep in mind when planning a garden!) I have created this illustrated layout for my garden this year. Lettuce is beneficial to both tomatoes and beets, so I'm planting a row on either side. Bush beans are also beneficial to both tomatoes and beets, so they're in between the two. I'll be planting a total of two rows of each plant, as shown in the diagram. I will have to order my seeds soon though, so I can start them growing indoors! Which also means I need to set up a "growing plants" area that both gets a lot of heat (initially) and light (later on) AND is not accessible to the cats. Baby Boy LOVES plants, and anything young and tender usually gets eaten (fortunately we don't have any toxic houseplants). Silly boy.