Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh, the pain! Olympic-sized pain!

Good gravy, watching the Alpine Downhill skiing, women's, this AM. Some of the women "lost their edges" in the "grippy snow" (I'm not familiar with all the jargon, but that's how they put it) and the wipeouts were HORRIBLE...dear God, at least one of them had to be airlifted off the mountain...It's such an exciting sport to watch, but you forget sometimes how extremely dangerous it is to be going that fast! And this was just the training run...already some of the medal hopefuls have been eliminated. Extremely dangerous sport. A lot of fun to watch when horrible accidents aren't happening, though...

And speaking of accidents, the luge is going incredibly wonky! There have been tonnes of wipeouts (again, agonizing to see), our CBC commentators said they had never seen so many wipeouts ever, and that there might be something wrong with the track, which would be really unfortunate.

As I said, there's always something interesting happening at the Olympics!