Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Birdie!

We recently installed a bird feeder close to the house, after considering doing so off and on for years. And boy has it been popular! :) We always had a bird feeder out in the suburbs when I grew up, but there wasn't much variety of birds that would come (it was still a lot of fun!) - lots of black capped chickadees, blue jays, crows and squirrels. But out here in the country, we have a huge variety of bird life. I'd see them in the trees when I was out and about, and now that we have a feeder, I get to see them up close and personal! I plan on posting pics of many of the different birds we see, but today I'll share a pic I took about an hour ago, of a bird I had only seen in books before today! They were gorgeous!! A whole flock of Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, boys and girls. And some of the boys had so much red! I'm sure some were juveniles and some adults, which accounts for the differences in colouring. It was very exciting to see that gorgeous red, such a lovely flash of colour in the middle of winter.