Friday, February 24, 2006

Men's Curling Gold! Woo-hoo!

WOW! Our Men's team curled an AMAZING game - the score says that it was very close the first few ends, but that's really not the case, to be honest - we kept getting steals of one, and outcurling them right up until the 6th, when the Finns made a bad miss and we were able to get 6. It was pretty much over at that point, and had it been any other game, they probably would have shaken hands, but at the Olympics you have to play 8 ends, so on it went for 2 more ends, till finally they all shook hands, and we won the Gold! It was great, the kids in Newfoundland (where our men's team is from) got the afternoon off so they could watch the game (this was a REALLY BIG deal) - the whole province is in party mode now! It's great too, because one of my favorite curlers, Russ Howard (the guy in the center of the photo, with his mouth open), :) had joined Gushue's team last winter (he usually curls in New Brunswick), and was a great veteran presence for this young team. He's hilarious to watch, he screams and hollers louder than ANYONE (I mean, you have to yell orders to the sweepers, but he takes it to a WHOLE new level). There's nothing malicious in it, it's really just his huge excitement level, and there's always bets on how long it'll take him to lose his voice during a tournament. Until I saw him in person, I thought he was just really loud, :) and that was it - but really, it seems to me to be almost like he's WILLING the stone to move the direction he wants, purely with the power of his voice. It's an amazing and entertaining thing to see, and I'm very pleased for him, and for our whole men's team! Great job guys!!

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