Saturday, February 11, 2006

Already, awesome Olympic moments!

Man! I just finished watching the Nordic Combined - Individual Gundersen 15 km (the end is like a race on cross-country skis over different terrains). Wow! It was really exciting, you could really see the strengths and weaknesses of different people: some looking like they could just fly up the hills, and others really going for it on the straight-aways. The ending was so exciting, the secondplace guy looked like he was going to take over at one point, but lost it just at the last little bit. The really exciting part was watching for third place - I've never seen such a race for the bronze, it was incredible! I still don't know who came in third, it was a photo finish between two Norwegians, it was really thrilling! They were both going all out, wow! Now THAT's the Olympic spirit!! It's great too, that they were both from the same country, a little bit of friendly competition between the two. :)

Now I'm watching the women's moguls qualifiers, we've got a medal contender there, so fingers crossed! :) Oh sweet! She just qualified in first place for the finals! Yay! And all our girls made it to the finals, so that's really great!

*sigh* I really do love the Olympics... :)