Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another favorite Canadian artist

As you probably know, I really enjoy works that are vibrant in colour and whimsical in subject. Marilyn Cook's works from "Smooth as Silk" really fit the bill.

My favorites are under the links Paintings/The Comic Series (the 4th one down). Really bright, colorful and really really fun! Her comic pieces have a very stylized look that I enjoy (the ancient Celtic works, and much of Ukrainian folk works are similar in that respect). The cats that she uses as a link to the section are adorable, and I LOVE her piece with fish and lobsters (pictured above). Without a doubt, I am very fond of fish and lobster related art--really apropos for here in the Maritimes, with the abundance of delicious seafood available. I wish I had some shrimp, I'd have it for dinner...a little white wine, chicken broth, butter and garlic...mmmmm....

*ahem* Anyway, back to Marilyn's work...she does some pieces that you can wear (silk scarves, blouses, ties, etc.) and some pieces that you can hang on the wall. All her work is lovely, from the delicate florals, to the beautiful herons and landscapes. Take a few minutes and wander through her online gallery, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!