Monday, February 27, 2006

Olympics wrapup, newsletter

Olympics Wrapup

Wow, they're over. Boy, I'm glad there's a closing ceremony to help finalize that it's over, it makes it a bit less of a shock (and, they had Ricky Martin singing the Cup of Life, the best sports anthem EVER, which makes a lot of things better!). :) My goodness, the Games were fun while they lasted though! :) Canada did its best ever showing, in third place! Awesome!

Another great Olympic moment came towards the end of the games, with Clara Hughes winning the 5,000 metres in speed skating. You could tell she was giving it positively everything she had, and when she saw that she had won the Gold, the look of joy on her face was amazing! Shortly thereafter, the poor dear collapsed on the ice, face down sobbing, because she really had given it EVERYTHING, the tank was empty as they say, and she broke down for a little bit. Then she recovered and was able to do her victory skate, etc. Her story is amazing because she is both a Winter Olympian and a Summer one too (cycling, and a bronze medal winner at that!). She seems a very sweet and happy girl, and obviously one with a huge capacity to ignore her own physical pain! Her skating teammate, Cindy Klassen, was our flag bearer for the closing ceremonies, because she won a Canadian record 5 (five!!!) medals in this Olympics! What a powerhouse!

So, all in all, we're in excellent shape for when we host the games in 2010 - every country wants to do its best when it hosts, and so it is with us!


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