Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Norwegian Coach is my Hero!

I can't believe it!! This dude totally deserves some sort of good sportsmanship medal or SOMETHING!! One of our girls broke her ski pole in the middle of the Cross-Country Skiing women's team sprint, and a Norwegian coach who was nearby had some extra poles ready for his girls. They didn't need them, but our girl did, and God love him, he gave one to our girl without a second thought! What a stud! He's totally my hero! We won Silver in the event to boot, yippee!!!! I mean, we wouldn't have medaled without our girls being really well trained and strong, but it would have been next to impossible with only one bloody pole!

That is just SUCH good sportsmanship! Again, that's what the Olympics is all about!

The full story is here.

SOMEONE has to make an Olympic commercial vignette outta that one, that's for sure.