Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lots of tracks to see!

Today's walk with Casey was a lot of fun! I saw tonnes of tracks in the snow, and I'm sure I would have seen more if Casey hadn't been so curious about what Mommy was looking at. She comes trundling up with her stick, dropping it right on the track I'm looking at, or dances around all over the track saying "Hi! I have a stick! Would you like to toss it?" As I say, she's a very silly puppy, and knows nothing about bunny print hunting...

This pic is of what I assume is a crow's feetprints. They touch down occasionally in the woods for a little peck around.

This is a day or two old bunny track. You can see the shape of their huge feet hopping off towards the left, with the round tail imprint behind. We had a little snow yesterday morning that filled in the prints a little, but you can still see the outline.

Here's where a couple of bunnies hopped together, I hope they found something interesting to eat in the snow out there. I don't know what bunnies eat in the winter, I should look that up sometime... :)

Anyway, all told, it was quite a fun walk, with lots to see! One day, I hope to see an actual BUNNY! heh heh