Friday, February 10, 2006

Nail Enamel du Mois, and the Olympics are finally here!

Enamel du Mois
For the last several years, painting my toenails fun bright colours has been an amusing little thing to do to perk myself up, no matter what the season (of course, I get to see them a lot more in the summertime, what with my sandal addiction and all). The most recent toenail colour of choice is Avon's Speed Dry Nail Enamel in "Sizzling Sky" (I have to link to Avon's main page, and not the individual product page, because they have a frameset on their site). I love the colour, a pretty bluey shade with lotsa sparkles. Very fun!
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The Olympics are finally here!
Wheee! I LOVE the Olympics: the competition, trying to do your personal best, meeting in fellowship with all the other nations of the world, records being broken, the highs, the lows, it's just fantastic! Not to mention you're guaranteed to have something very interesting to watch on TV every day: during the Olympics, I watch all kinds of sports that I normally don't, like downhill skiing and speed skating - you're watching the best in the world, after all, so why not?! Yes, the doping scandals are depressing, but you just gotta focus on all the athletes that aren't doping, not the few that are.

Best of luck to all our athletes! And special good luck wishes go out to our lone representative from Nova Scotia, Sarah Conrad (best of all, she's from Dartmouth, where I grew up!). Good luck Sarah, do us proud!