Friday, October 19, 2007

Pretty Kitty: gets frisky

Ouch! I was outside last night, petting the little guy as usual. Got outside a little late, so he had to wait, and I think he was a little worked up. Within a few seconds of my starting to pet him, he got overstimulated and attacked my hands, biting hard and scratching. Ow! It is, unfortunately, par for the course when trying to deal with a feral cat. All you can do is clean your wounds well, and not take it personally.

Cats can get overstimulated in a split second - it's got something to do with their finely tuned nervous system. It can get overloaded and suddenly what felt so good (a nice scritch) turns to almost pain to them instantaneously. And they react violently, wanting you to stop. Just back off and let them be.

Got this pic's Peepers all over again.

Sitting with Pretty Kitty last evening, I got this great photo. Check out this cat's eyes! Aren't they just the most glowing yellow you have ever seen? He's a pretty handsome boy.

And check out these toes! I've never had a cat who had jet black toes. All of my other cats had pink toes with spots and dots of black, but these toes are all black. Adorable! I want to nibble them!

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