Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pretty Kitty: The Next Level

Big breakthrough with Pretty Kitty, our outdoor cat-in-training - I got a furry, nose-to-nose, KISS from the little guy! Yes! I'm as shocked as you are!

The last little while, I've been feeding him extra goodies by hand (a little leftover pork fat, etc.) This got him used to intrusions in his personal space. A couple days ago, I let him smell my fingers after the food was gone. He rubbed up against them, and it was smooth sailing into me giving him some nice scritches on the side of his face and behind his ear. He purred! Good stuff. Then, last night, out of the blue, he was SO comfortable and SO happy, when I was bent over him, he came up for a nose to nose kiss! I was so pleasantly suprised! This is great progress!

He does, however, still hiss quite a bit when he first sees me. He hisses, then mews, then hisses...he's a very confused boy, but he's getting there!

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