Saturday, October 20, 2007

Remembering apples on a rainy day

I'm in the middle of writing a big article on getting organized before the holiday season coming up, featuring tips I've found to be very useful. I'll post it sometime in November.

It's a super rainy day outside, so I'm glad to have an indoor activity. :) During a break, I remembered I had wanted to post the pics below, but hadn't gotten around to yet. Now seems like an ideal time...

I was out in the back field last week, collecting long grasses to soften a sheltered area under our deck for Pretty Kitty. I found that one of the old apple trees there, planted over a century ago by a long forgotten farmer, had actually produced fruit! I was so suprised! Beautifully red, gorgeous looking, yet tiny (under 1" in diameter) apples! The small tree was laden with them. I picked a few to take home and give them the ol' taste test. "Maybe I could make a little pie out of them" and other similar thoughts went through my head. They looked so delicious!

Yeah, well, looks can be deceiving. I got home, showed them to Dave, and as I was biting down, he said, "Let me guess, they're terrible", and oh my, they really were! Tough skin and a tartness that was off the scale, almost into bitter territory! Yuck!!

So, no pie. :) I knew that the green crab apples you see on some trees didn't taste very good, but these looked so good.... I'm assuming that with proper care and monitoring of the soil pH etc, that you could make a better tasting apple. (Can't say I know all that much about apple growing, though). If it was on my property, I think I would work on it! It would be worth the effort to make those beautiful little red apples taste as good as they look.

For now though, I'll just look at them and imagine how good they should taste...yum!

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