Friday, October 05, 2007

Strange Late-Night Visitor

Last night, while waiting for Casey to come in from her last bathroom break of the evening, I looked down at the long window we have next to the door. I thought I saw a moth, but it looked like it had weird markings. I got down for a closer look, and was shocked to see, for the first time since living here, a frog! A night time frog! I assume he's one of the little peepers that lives down the road in the swamp, but whether due to natural predators or something else, we've never seen one here!

He was only an inch long, or shorter. He had a strange metallic-y sheen on his brownish-red skin. When I lived outside Dartmouth, we always had "daytime" frogs, off-green with brown spots. I've never seen one like our nighttime friend. Very cool! He left shortly after I took these pics, so I was lucky to see him!

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