Monday, October 15, 2007

The Perfect Pet? Mini Pigs make their grand entrance!

Vietnamese pot bellied pigs were getting to be hugely popular among pet owners...until people realized just how hugely huge they would grow! Now, Pennywell Farm in Devon, England, has come up with the solution: a mini pig, that when fully grown, is still only 1/5th the size of an adult pig. A cross-breeding program begun nearly 10 years ago on the farm has yielded this adorable pint-sized result, to rave reviews!

Read the full story here (there's lots more pictures too!)


SamanthBes said...

They are so cute!!! i heard about this story on the local news here in San Diego, California and want to learn more. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a little pig as a pet. I didn't know they came so small. I'm in love. Do they sell the pigs? If so how could i get one?

Ann Morash said...

The Pennywell Farm website says that they have been deluged with requests regarding these mini-pigs (so CUTE!) - they're asking interested parties to contact them in 6 months (and their current waiting list is up to a year) - a long wait! But I'm sure they're worth it!

Read their press release here.

Patty said...

We have pigs even smaller in the US.
Check out the Royal Dandies. They are the smallest in the world.