Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hallowe'en is here again!

I saw the yellow moon slowly rising late last night - clouds skipped across its surface, and the wind carried a few remaining autumn leaves through the air. A new neighbour was burning brush earlier in the evening, calling to mind Pagan autumn rituals of old. Hallowe'en time has definitely come!

Candy: check.
Pumpkin (a plug in kind): check
Clean and neat front door area: check
Hallowe'en pumpkin earrings: wearing
Welcoming smile: ready to go

Yup, I'm ready! I'm leaving the candy packed until about 4 o'clock - getting it out early just leads to a candy lunch, candy mid-afternoon snack, candy supper - you get the idea. :D

Kids usually start to arrive after 5 o'clock - I really look forward to seeing the costumes every year! I saw one of the little wee ones on our street (she's about as big as a minute) trying out her costume the other day - a little ladybug! It was all I could do not to run over squealing with glee! Adorable.

Even with all the premade costumes available now, kids can still be very creative - I remember one year a group of girls came dressed as "the farm": one girl was the farmer, with cute freckles painted on her face, her hair in braids, wearing a cowboy hat and overalls, and one of the other girls was dressed like a cow. It was really cute!

I bought a little pair of fairy wings for Casey this year...I'll get a pic later and post it. :)

Have a fantastic night, everyone!

(To learn more about Hallowe'en, check out Wikipedia).

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