Saturday, October 13, 2007

A feline visitor in the storm

Yesterday evening, into the night, it was stormy here - sheets of cold rain fell from the sky, and we wondered about Pretty Kitty out there, alone. (That's one of the reasons we keep our cats indoors, so we always know they're safe & dry). When Peepers was still outdoors, we had a night that was very similar (if warmer), and he unusually showed up at the front door, eyes glowing in the dark through the glass, looking for food and a dry spot.

Last night, Dave said to me, "I think I'm seeing a ghost" - I looked down the stairs, and once again, a cat's eyes were glowing at us from outdoors. Pretty Kitty had missed his regular feeding, holed up someplace safe, and even though we left food out for him in a sheltered area, he must not have seen it. Dave set down some new food for him out front, then came back in. Pretty Kitty ate his fill, & spent a lot of time staring in at us, and ALL of our cats, and realized for the first time how many creatures we have living with us. Hopefully this will encourage him that we're worthy of his trust. :) Eventually, he rubbed up against the glass several times, in a friendly manner. He was very affectionate, and he felt safe doing it, because there was glass between us. We couldn't touch him.

And so we take another step towards getting this little hisser domesticated. :)

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