Thursday, October 11, 2007

Photo Journal: 2007 Maritime Fall Fair

Had a fun visit to the Maritime Fall Fair today! Here's some highlights!

Baby moo cow chewin' on some cud.

As they'd say over at CuteOverload, these are redonkulous eyelashes on another baby cow. Adorable!

Oxen, once used to plow fields, now more for show and ornamental purposes, ox pull competitions, and the like.

These pigeons have tails that stick up like a turkey's or a peacock's. Cute!

This pigeon looks like it's stepping on a dead bird or something, but actually it's a special breed of pigeon that has immense feathers growing out of its legs.

BIG freakin' moo-cows. Seriously, when standing, the cows' backs were as high or higher than my head. These creatures are ENORMOUS! When I make my millions and get a cow, I think I'll try to find one a little smaller. (!)

The shot that just HAD to be taken. A perfect row of cow butts.

Baby bunnies in a bunch!

Among all these furry and feathered creatures, one single lizard. Lovely looking one, but he must have been lonely!

A prize winning giant pumpkin! Mr. Jeff Reid's pumpkin weighed in at 1202 lbs!

More on my trip soon!

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