Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hallowe'en Wrap Up

We had a record-breaking turnout at our house this year - 49 kids! Wow! Fortunately we didn't run out of candy. Unfortunately, we didn't run out of candy - this is bad news for the household waistlines. :)

I was surprised at the number of older kids out and about this year - there were only a handful of small kids - most were early to mid teens. I know some people don't like older kids trick or treating, but I don't really mind. You're only young once, and you can only go out on Halllowe'en for a few years in your whole life - plus the fact that there's no set in stone cut-off age, it can be difficult for kids to give it up. Plus, Hallowe'en really is fun! All the older kids I saw put a lot of thought into their costumes, this wasn't a last minute candy-grab deal for them.

A wide range of costumes this year - not too many off-the-rack ones, which was nice to see. Several bunnies, a few princesses (ah, but only one knight - that makes it tough for the princesses) :), and a surprising number of zombies (haven't seen many of those around the last few years). There were even a few harlequins, which was quite unique. The most unique costume was an older teen in a homemade costume, dressed as a Mario cube/box/square (something like that) - I had to ask him what he was. :) I must have looked puzzled, so he sung the Mario tune for me - I think at that moment, I winced slightly. Not because of his singing, he did that really well - but because I realized that aside from the word "Mario", I didn't understand a thing he said. And I felt in my very bones how old I am. I'm not even 40 yet but am so out of touch with a lot of "what's hot". :) Reminded me of the scene in the Simpsons where Grandpa was talking to a young Homer and Barney, telling them "I used to be with 'it', but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm with isn't 'it' anymore"... Heh heh heh, oh well.

So, aside from feeling my age, Hallowe'en was great! :)

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