Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kitty Cat breakdown

So, last night, I couldn't take it any more. Pretty Kitty showed up late, as it was raining for most of the day yesterday. He was wet, and I knew it was going to get cold (The last cold morning, he was so chilly that he ate while pressed up against me to get some heat). So, I said, that's it! I know it's a really bad time - Dave has his play, and I have a job interview on Thursday, but this little guy has to come in now!

The capture itself went weirdly smoothly. Considering he didn't like me touching his body (only his head), he let me pick him up (I was all prepared with leather gloves and a towel - Peepers nearly ripped Dave's head off when we captured him), but Pretty Kitty was completely docile!! We took him to the bedroom - he needs to be segregated from the other cats until he's had his blood test for all of those highly contagious feline diseases. He spent a few minutes trying to get higher up in the room, trying to climb up on bureaus and such. He then chose my bed - and cried. This was really strange, none of the other cats ever cried like this before. I gave him some alone time, then spent the latter half of the evening with him. He spent it pressed up against me, purring. Then came bedtime. Peepers was pretty annoyed at being locked out of "his" bedroom - did everything he could to get in. Weirdo. We let him in briefly, while holding on to the other cat, so there'd be no contact. Then we kicked Peeps out, and he wasn't happy.

Lights out. After a short additional bout of crying, Pretty Kitty did the same thing Peepers did to Dave on his first night indoors - curled up right under my chin, and purred. What a silly cat! Every time I twitched in the night, he'd start up purring again.

Once dawn came, he started to cry again. A lot. Didn't know what to do about that...I let him do it for a bit. When it didn't stop, I picked him up and brought him back to bed, and commenced non-stop petting. He purrs when he's petted, and when he's purring, he can't cry. So, eventually he forgot he was sad, and settled down again.

We have an appointment for him this afternoon (we were able to get in touch with the vet last night, fortunately), so fingers crossed that he'll turn out okay, and we can let him out and about in the house.

I'll keep you all posted!

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