Sunday, November 04, 2007

Update on Noel (post tropical storm/hurricane/whatever)

Well, we got away pretty well. We did the basic prep of getting rid of anything in the yard that could become a projectile, filled the bathtub with water (our well only works with electricity - if the power goes out, we lose our toilet! We need that water to flush!), and we had a supply of drinking water and canned goods. We didn't really go overboard in our prep, because Noel wasn't going to be even hurricane strength by the time it reached us. Last night was the worst of it, driving rain and such wind! We lost a birch tree out back, but nothing else seems to be damaged. We lost power at some point during the night, but it's back now - I guess over 100,000 people in Nova Scotia don't have their power right now, though, so we feel really lucky.

It's still so very windy outside! I can hear it howling even now. But at least the rain has passed.

If I ever can, I'll post my reminicences sometime about "Juan", the worst hurricane to hit NS in living memory, a few years back. We've had hurricanes, but never like this! The ocean was still so warm, it had lots of fuel to kick our butts, and it did! The experience totally mentally scarred this household, and I'm sure many others. Unfortunately, with climate change/global warming, we're likely to get more such hurricanes in the future.

But, all's well for now, we survived another one! :)

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