Sunday, May 06, 2007


While I was making a sandwich today, I looked out the kitchen door window, and saw this staring back at me:

Weird, or what? A strange cat we've never seen before, looking in with "feed me, please" eyes. We think now, upon reflection, we've seen him around a bit the last couple of days - we've been looking around for information on him, in case he's someone's pet that's gone missing, but there's been nothing so far.

He was awfully cute. We figure he's a boy, because he has those male cat "poufs" on his cheeks. He was all grey, with a really light grey muzzle and a tiny spot on his chest. He stayed FOREVER! It was crazy. Eventually we did feed him, twice, and he ate it gratefully, but not hurriedly, so we figure he must be well cared for somewhere. He eventually lay down for a while, and dozed off, but then got up and left.

How cute is that? Sorry the pic is taken through a dog-snot-smudged window... :) We would have let him in for a while, he certainly seemed to want to, but because of all the other animals in the house, we didn't think that was wise. Maybe next time, though... :)

And tonight, I FINALLY found my hyacinths bloomiing - they're over a month late, but as long as they're here now, I'm happy! :)