Friday, May 11, 2007

BeanDreams: Radish is up! And strawberries are blooming!

After a week or so of careful watering and watching, I was rewarded with seeing my radish come up today!

It's the bright green line of little sprouts up the middle. As you can see, there are weeds sprouting all over the place too, so I had a few days there where I couldn't be sure if the weeds were radishes or not. But now that the radishes are there, it's pretty obvious which ones they are.

Huzzah! I now have things sprouting in my garden earlier than I even planted anything last year - so things are looking good for a productive season! But if the weather should turn out like last summer, it might still go downhill...have to wait and see! :)

On another note, the wild strawberries that grow all over the place on the Eastern shore (and maybe other parts) of Nova Scotia are blooming. Lovely little white flowers, and when the berries come, they are tiny (about the size of your pinky nail), but SO sweet! Very nice!