Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Exciting! We got a CrossBill!

We've never had a crossbill here before, so this is pretty cool! This is a Red Crossbill aka Loxia curvirostra (see the All About Birds listing, including sound recording, here). Such a gorgeous rusty red color! A very pretty boy! Check out the third pic, it shows off the beak really well. I still can't get over the color, it was just so gorgeous, we spent a lot of time staring out the window at him. I think I saw his lady friend sitting in the tree, but with the sun's glare I couldn't get a good look at her. I rushed right downstairs here to blog about him as soon as he left!

Addendum: A whole flock of about 8 crossbills came back later, just before sunset - I only saw one male, there were a LOT of girls there. I'm glad they came back and brought some friends!