Friday, May 18, 2007

It's like "Wild Kingdom" out there!

Wow! There are some serious nature benefits to living out in the country, and letting your backyard "go wild" instead of manicuring it...

We had our cute little girl rabbit with a black nose and adorable pink ears out back nibbling on some grass, and along comes Mr. Pheasant! There were a couple of tense seconds where they sized each other up, and the pheasant did a shake-out of his wings, to get some of the rain off--this nearly sent Ms. Bunny off into the woods, but she stayed, and he continued on his way to his favorite fallen log. He regularly gets up there, sometimes during the day, but always around this time at night - looks around, and does several loud wing-beats and his loud gobbling noise. We think he's doing this near, but not too near, the nest his women have made, to distract any potential predators away from them, and towards himself. He'll have a good advantage, too, being high up on the logs (the logs are still remaining in our backyard from the devastating Hurricane Juan a few years back). As he's getting ready to do some more wing beating, a squirrel runs across the logs to get back and forth to wherever he was going (gathering food or whatever). Between all that, and the birds coming to the feeder and hopping around the weeds, it looked like some kind of nature documentary in our backyard.

We are SO lucky. :) And we'll enjoy it, for as long as we have it.