Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend notes

  • There is a silly frog out in the swamp, that is peeping during the day! All the rest peep at night and sleep during the day - I'm not sure he's going to get much mating action...!

  • Speaking of mating, Dave's mom accidentally interrupted the pheasants during a romantic interlude in the woods - pretty funny! Hopefully we'll get some baby pheasants this year!!

  • We had a 1/2 inch long, brown larvae in our kitchen, who, when Dave went to put him outside, had two GLOWING eyes, green/blue appear on its hind end! They glowed steadily, you could see them in the dark, and eventually started to fade. Never seen a bug like that, have no idea what it could be. Obviously a defense mechanism to attract prey to it's less sensitive backside while it attempts a getaway!

  • The bunnies have started to come out of the deep forest to eat the wild grasses of the surrounding fields and yards - we had one in our yard last night - all light brown, with a little black nose. SOOOO cute!