Saturday, May 19, 2007

Who is this sainted man?

I came across this article in the CBC this morning.

WARNING: totally, if you read this, you WILL get grossed out. But it might help explain the perilousness of this particular young woman's situation.

This 18 year old girl from British Columbia was working in Kenya when she got infected with a horrible bacteria that started...BRACE for IT...eating her eyeballs. She was terrified, and unfortunately, after much travel to get to a major hospital, was told she'd have to have her eyes removed. This, of course, made her even more terrified.

Now, here's where the sainted man comes in. Some generous dude, an employee from the Department of Foreign Affairs, helped her get back to Canada. He escorted her on the plane:

"Eight hours to Amsterdam, seven-hour layover, then nine-hour flight to Vancouver, while putting drops in my eyes every half hour. I just met this man and he's sitting there feeding me."

Good Lord!! What a cool guy!! That is seriously going out of your way to help a fellow human being in need. But he's not named in the article! So, I assume he doesn't want to be named. But DUDE! You are awesome! You NEED to be thanked and praised publicly! Too many times we hear of terrible acts perpetrated by people on one another - we need to hear a positive story like this, to remind ourselves that we can be be good to one another! (Except, of course, that it's a pretty gross story)...

As to the girl, she had to have a double corneal transplant, and will need several more surgeries, but should eventually recover her sight. Man. Wow.

That guy deserves some sort of public service medal or something...