Thursday, July 26, 2007

Surprise! Roses!

In the winter, Casey and I like to walk around the large field behind our house, bordering on a deep forest. At that time, we have to be careful because of all the sharp thorn bushes that are growing sporadically throughout the field. By the time it gets to be mid-summer, we never get out that way because there's so many spiders and such, it's not really fun to go walking there. But it was SO hot today (over 30 deg. C) I thought it might be better to go for a shady walk in the woods.

And what a pleasant surprise when we went there! 75% of those thorn bushes turned out to be rose bushes! The rest were raspberry bushes. As I mentioned earlier, we have a type of rose that grows wild all over the province of Nova Scotia.

How gorgeous! They were all over the place, but especially clustered around the very old (probably over 100 years old) apple tree, which is likely left over from when settlers attempted to farm in the area.

See all the pink dots in the lower half of the pic? All roses!

Beautiful! And the perfume is heavenly!