Monday, July 30, 2007

Milk treat, and the Gulf Between, Part II

Peepers is WILD for milk - Baby Boy enjoys a little in the evening, but Peepers wants it whenever Dave has some - lunch time, snack time, whenever! He runs around, curling around our legs and meowing until he gets some!
Look at the size of that tongue!!

Here's the second in the series, the Gulf Between. Watch out Peepers, Baby is on a diet, and HE IS ANGRY!

Poor Peepers, he's trying very hard to fit in, but both Molly and Baby Boy hiss at him whenever he gets close, no matter how "supplicant-ly" he approaches. Hopefully they'll relax soon, and get things sorted out between each other. :) Hopefully. Because I'm REALLY sick of having a secondary litter box in our bedroom. I'd REALLY like him to get used to using the main kitty box in the basement. :)