Monday, July 23, 2007

The Gulf Between

Oh well, at least Molly doesn't growl and hiss at him as much. An uneasy truce is better than nothing! Hopefully, things will continue to improve. Peepers goes in for his neutering tomorrow morning (I'm glad he doesn't know what's coming!), and then we can let him explore the house more freely. He's getting more daring though, he went all the way down to the basement this morning. Very cautiously, though!

Baby Boy won't go near him, he still acts like he's scared of this kitten that's half his size. Good grief. Between that, and Baby's refusing to make eye contact with me anymore, because he's too busy pouting, it's been a tough week. Well, that, and Peepers has had to sleep in our room, and is keeping Dave up all night by sleeping on various parts of his head and neck, and meowing. It'd be really funny if we weren't so tired! :)