Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spring Frog Sounds

Spring Peepers

It's pretty quiet (my little mp3 player doesn't have a loud mike), but if you crank your speakers, you can hear what it sounds like outside my home in the springtime at night. The male spring frogs peep all night, in an attempt to attract a mate. I don't know the specific breed name of the frogs in questions, but there are more than one swamp areas locally, and the frogs live in all of them, so they're doing okay for themselves.

The sound is actually rather soothing. :)

But don't forget to TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN again after listening! ;)

EDIT: And in an example of science accurately naming something for what it is, I discovered that this frog is actually called...get ready for it...

The Northern Spring Peeper.

There you have it. :)

Learn more about this peeping frog here.

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