Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BeanDreams - the Coldening

Its like the Reckoning, but Cold. :)

Just after I planted all my containers, we were hit with a bad cold snap. Worried I had rotted out my seeds by choosing a bad time to plant, I replanted my Bachelor's Buttons and Kohlrabi, as they are the most cold-hardy. It was a warm day, and within 24 - 48 hours, both had sprouted (including, I think, some of the ones I thought had rotted out). In any case, I've got a lovely bit of growth happening, helped by the recent warmer temps.

This is the container.

Highlighted in the photo below are the kohlrabi. They have a reddish tinge, and the first leaves are double leaves.

Highlighted below are the Bachelor's Buttons. They are light green, with single leaves.

I'm pretty excited to get this next round of growing started! My bok choi is just about ready for harvest, which is wonderful. Wish I had planted more, but I've just been too busy with my new job. Once I start harvesting, I will be doing another planting.

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