Monday, June 02, 2008

Photo Journal: Spring, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia

A foggy but bright morning, perfect for taking floral shots - lots of great ambient light, no shadows.

The apple trees in the back field (likely planted over a century ago in a failed attempt to get this swampland converted to a farm) are just starting to blossom. So fresh looking with the morning dew and fog still resting on their leaves and petals.

And speaking of fog and mist, check out this delicate mist-encased spider web, spun close to the ground in a low bush.

These lovely little star flowers bloom every spring - they're tiny, only as big as the first knuckle on my pinky finger, but they're very noticeable amongst the masses of green leaves they bloom against.

And, heralding a delicious summer to come, Nova Scotia's official berry, the blueberry. Delicate little bell-like flowers will become a yummy treat in a couple months!

The sun's burning off the fog as we speak, so it should be a lovely afternoon.

Addendum, 4:30 pm: after the fog burned off, cloud moved in! Bleargh! But there's been some sunny breaks, fortunately. :)

Got some more shots of the beautiful forget-me-nots that grow wild around here. The buds are purple, and the flowers open pink or purple, then turn that lovely blue.

And, through our dirty kitchen window (gotta get some Windex goin' on that), we got that cute little girl squirrel, with the distinctive light markings around her nose and eyes, that really make her look special. Cute!

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