Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Boy as a ... well, baby!

I've been sorting through my old photo CDs, trying to purge out the pics that are out of focus or duplicates, and reburn them on a couple DVDs. WAY easier to keep track of stuff that way, instead of the huge pile of CDs I currently have. It's hard though, trying to come up with a good organizational structure for the files - I'll just have to pick one and go with it, and not change half-way. :)

While going through all these pics, I found this great one from 2003, when Baby Boy had only been with us about 5 months or so. He had been SUCH a hard case when we first captured him - a VERY feral kitten, he scratched and bit us a lot till he finally gave himself over to the domestic life he was destined for. Once he gave himself over, he REALLY gave himself over. Totally and completely. Aside from occasionally getting startled, he is still the more relaxed cat I have ever seen. And here, you can really see that. He tucked himself in to Dave's side, and ended up under Dave's arm. And then he passed right out. What a goofy kitten!

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