Saturday, June 07, 2008

BeanDreams: First Harvest

Yesterday, I harvested some of the bok choi and one of my daikon radish.

As I mentioned before, this is a petite variety of bok choi, so the leaves don't get much bigger than this. The stocks are nice and crisp, though!

As with last year, my daikons are pretty small. Okay, they're TINY. Japan has worked at breeding larger and larger daikons, but I don't know that you can get those seeds around here. :) So, she's pretty small, but tasty, I'm sure!

I did them up in a stir fry last night, and they were delicious!

The oregano and catnip finally look like they're getting started! I'd love to know for sure which was which, but I'm sure it'll become more obvious over time. :D As you can see from the photos, the leaves are only about 1 mm long - really micro!

There's a couple of sprouts in my parsley container, but I'm not sure if they're parsley or weeds. Again time will tell! :)

All in all, it's been great to have a taste from the garden already - nothing beats REALLY fresh! :D

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