Monday, June 16, 2008

New Ruralish Life/Simple Living Merchandise!

I've created a new line of merchandise celebrating living the simple life! My designs reflect these values - from buying locally to support local farmers and reduce gas use, to minimizing consumerism and living more simply and self-sufficiently, I've got the perfect designs to help spread the word about the lifestyle you love!

More designs coming soon! I'll keep you posted here!


findyourhappyplace said...

that's a crazy fire. I hope the universe keeps you all safe down your way. X

Ann Morash said...

We've been real lucky, it doesn't look like there was any loss of life throughout this whole thing. A few people lost their houses, and many more were damaged, which would be hard to take, though. But at least no one died!

Thanks for your well-wishes! :)