Friday, April 06, 2007

More Weird Weather...

We were just watching MLB TV (and WOW, is it amazing, more on that later), but the Seattle/Cleveland game just got called on a SNOW delay!!!! It was turning into a freakin' blizzard during the game!

I mean, I know it's cold in the springtime, and sometimes the umpires have to wear their coats, but c'mon!! This is nuts! The last few days there have been SO many games with snow, and/or people freezing in the stands, covered in blankets, and ball players walking around with their free hand in their back pockets with a pocket warmer - in Canada, we call that football weather (and we're prepared for it) - but it's just bizarre to have it during a baseball game. It's just...unnatural.

It's funny too, they have "This game is in a rain delay" signs up on the TV - I guess they never prepared in case of a snow delay!