Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dave just got stared down!

He was looking out the window just now, and a grackle was on the deck and spotted him. The bird then proceeded to do this weird sort of leg stretch, standing on one leg at one point, fluffed his feathers, and ended with rubbing his beak on either side, looking like he was trying to sharpen it, all the while staring Dave down menacingly. Dave's like "What? What did I do??!! I don't want your food, your territory, or your woman! Good grief! A guy can't even look out his own window, geez!"

A few minutes after that, we hear Casey doing her jump 'n' growl, that she does when she sees something not right. But she kept doing it, then started barking - so we took a look outside, and there's a Mourning Dove sitting on our lawn, neck and head tucked back, taking a little rest/snooze. And Casey doesn't like it one bit! What's that out there? What's it doing? Is it infringing on our territory? It better not touch my rocks! (Casey LOVES to play with rocks, she noses them around and such).

Heh heh heh...territoriality can be funny sometimes...