Friday, April 20, 2007

Gorgeous Day!

Finally, the sunshine has returned! I got out and moved some of my garden, since the weather was cooperating. And now some Mourning Doves have nestled in amongst the tall seed-providing weeds in our backyard, stretching out their wings to take full advantage of the sun, and having an nice nap! Very cute!

Here's some shots of the longer walk Casey and I took a couple of hours ago:

Look at that sky! So blue! A little bit of life is slowly creeping back into the forest, but it's got a ways to go yet.

This is the end of the line for our longer walks usually, where the power lines cut a rather ugly swath into the forest. However, this forest, as I've now seen with Google Earth, continues onward to at least the middle of the province. That there be wild country. And of course, bear country. And coyotes. And bunnies, and all sorts of other creatures. Gotta watch out for some of the more dangerous ones, especially now that spring is here.

Here's a longer shot, with Casey for scale. The forest sure is lovely - so dense.

We have this kind of moss all over Nova Scotia - it's usually grey, but during the very early spring, it "blooms" with this gorgeous bright pink kind of flower - I guess this is how it reproduces and spreads, I'm not sure though. I see ones of varying degrees of pink, and another kind that turns bright red. Quite pretty!

Casey, having a great time running around...

And in the end, while passing by and inspecting maybe thousands of rocks - one stood out to her enough that she decided to take it with her. She carried it ALL the way home - that's like a 20 minute walk. She ran for the last bit though, it was a little heavy at times. Casey and her rocks...when she finds one she likes, no other one will do. They're like her precious sheep charges, she keeps them all together in one place.