Monday, April 23, 2007

BeanDreams - getting closer!

Phew! I did a LOT of digging this weekend! When the garden plot was first put in many years ago, it was put in off to the side of the backyard. Which was fine, back then. But the trees have grown quite a bit, and now the garden is in their shade for the entire morning. According to the info I got from Vesey's, plants do most of their growing in the morning hours, so I felt it was worth the effort to dig up and move the garden over a few feet. We don't have any topsoil in our backyard - it's been cleaned up and leveled since Hurricane Juan's destruction, but not "finished" as it were (which has actually been a blessing - the wildflowers and grasses grow freely, and are a huge hit with the local birds), so moving the garden to a completely new location would have been too monumental a task - there's just too much rock. However, moving it over a few feet - do-able. Now, if we don't have the terrible growing weather we had last year locally, my garden could do really well this year! :)

Dave and I finished putting up the fence this morning, and I have just a little more soil to move and turn over, and a couple of plants to move (my sage and chives from last year), and it'll all be ready for planting! A couple of the plants I plan on growing this year are able to be sown BEFORE the last frost (unlike last year), so I'll be able to get things started nice and early. Yay! :)

While I was digging up the garden, Casey had a great time being a total spazz, and dug up rocks in the woods. :)

Aside from all that, we had a close encounter with a VERY nearby Ring-Necked pheasant who has started to add a vigorous thumping wingbeat to his turkey-with-a-sore-throat "gobble gobble". Springtime, so he has to show he's tough enough to defend his territory and take care of his 2 lady-friends...and maybe add some more, who can say? He IS a big, beautiful boy, after all! :) His wing beats are very intimidating when heard up close, I must say - Casey and I went indoors for a while after that, to let him go by unimpeded.

Great weather, so glad I had a chance to get started on my garden!

Here's an overview shot, so you can get an idea of how far I moved it.

Here's a shot of the new garden plot from a different angle - I've actually added a little to the square footage, so hopefully I'll be able to plant a little more this year, too!