Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lots more birds!

Here's some American Goldfinches - you can see the male getting his mating colouration on (I think these birds were around during the winter, but I didn't find out until later that they change plumage during the winter, and look more like the females--good to know!) :)

The Song Sparrow, a lovely little birdie, such pretty browns, and a sweet little song! VERY cute!

And this morning, we had a mourning dove. I hear their haunting song quite often far up the street (deeper in the forest) but it seems now that they've found our food area, so hopefully they'll come back more often. Just so you know, a mourning dove basically looks like a light brown pigeon, but has a very haunting, sad sounding call.

So far, it looks like our bird feeder's been a big hit! I look forward to seeing who else comes along as the summer progresses! :D