Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Feaster Finale & Country Frogs

YUM! My Easter dinner turned out really well! A lot of the things, like the beets, eggs, and perogies, are done several days in advance, so there was very little to do the day of (the BEST way to do big dinners, if possible - do as much as you can in advance!). Get the mushrooms in gravy heated & thickened up, make the hash brown casserole, and fry up the perogies, and away we go! Here's a pic of the full dinner:


And, as a further indication that spring truly has arrived, last night when we got home from visiting my parents, we heard the frogs for the first time! There's a lot of unbuilt property on our street, out here in the country, and part of it is a little swamp. Ducks come there every year to nest, fireflies fill the sky in that area in mid-summer, etc. It's a great little spot! And it also houses a LOT of frogs - they chirp every night for months, and are a definite sign of warm weather to come. They must have been enticed along by the nice moist conditions we've had the last few days - it's been such a dry winter, we really needed it! I marked down on the calendar last year that I first heard them on the 20th of April, so we're a little bit early, but pretty much on schedule! :) All in all, it makes for a happy conclusion to Easter! :)