Sunday, April 23, 2006

Easter, too!

Ukrainians use the old (Julian) calendar for religious holidays, like other Eastern Christians, and so today is Easter!

Krystos Voskres! (the traditional Easter greeting, meaning "Christ is Risen!" - to which the traditional reply is Voyistino Voskres! "Indeed He is Risen!")

And so you come upon an issue for many children & grandchildren of immigrants, wonderfully summed up by Myroslaw Lomatski:

Christmas comes but twice a year, so does Easter, mostly.

As a kid, it's great fun to have TWO Christmases & TWO Easters (generally, depending on the year) - celebrating the old holiday from the old country, and the same holiday that's held on a different date by your new country. But when you get older, you realize it's a LOT of work to do all that preparation twice! :D One of the two invariably suffers, no matter how hard you try.

I didn't even have time to do any pysanky this year! (featured here are some of my eggs, as I feature them on the front page of, where I give free directions so people can create their own pysanka). Oh well, as you saw last week, my big Easter feast last week went over well, so that's good! I took it much lighter for this week. :)