Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"April Showers bring May Flowers"

It's an old little rhyme - and while we had a bit of precipitation this April so far, certainly not as much as usual, it was still enough for some of the Mayflowers to start blooming. Sadly, many of the Mayflowers I come across are baked to a crisp, something I've never seen before - without the snow covering that usually protects them in March, and with all the extra sun we had, it wasn't good for this particular flower. However, there are some in some shady patches that are doing well, like this bunch seen here. They are such gorgeous little flowers, usually hard to see as they barely peek out from underneath the huge leaves. The blooms are only about 1 cm wide, and come in various shades of pink (I believe that if they get a lot of sun, they turn almost white, but if they're well shaded, they can be quite a dark pink). And the lovely scent that they have is just wonderful! The Mayflower is the provincial flower of Nova Scotia, and we have quite a lot in our immediate area. :)