Saturday, April 01, 2006


:D When I got up today, I decided to dive right in to tackling Mount Dishmore (as I "lovingly" refer to what seems to be an endless supply of dirty dishes in this house) and didn't go downstairs as usual to start my day reading the news. While doing the dishes, I looked out of the window and saw the birds were low on birdseed, so I went outside to put more out, and that's when Dave attacked. While my back was turned, he asked "Did you hear the news today?" And I said "no, didn't have a chance to, why, what's up?" And he says "Stephen Harper [editors note: our VERY conservative (and Conservative Party) Prime Minister, who's no doubt never even jaywalked in his entire life] was just arrested for marijuana possession". And I said WHAT? Are you serious??? And at that moment, I remembered as I looked at Dave's face and he started to break out in a huge laugh that it was April Fool's Day. Ha hah hah hah :) So I got fooled big time! :)

In case you're not from around here, April Fool's Day is the first day of April, and it's traditional to try to fool someone. It's a subtle thing, because you have to make it a crazy sort of lie, but still believable. Now Stephen Harper is out-of-country right now at a summit, so it's entirely believable that something could happen with someone planting some marijuana in his luggage or whatever. But he's SO conservative, it would be hilarious if it happened. So, it was the perfect April Fools! :) It's all done in good fun -- for example, it would be in bad taste to say someone died or something like that, it should be something silly! Google always does a VERY funny joke, check out this year's! See? Just true-sounding enough that you're not REALLY sure it's a joke. But it is! :)

And, to top it all off, the Girl Guides came to the door today selling Girl Guide cookies! YUM!!! They are a long standing tradition, they sell these packaged cookies every year to earn money for their organization (which I was a part of for many years, and sold lots of cookies myself in my time) :) They are very yummy, I like the vanilla the best! :)