Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Days and BeanDreams

It's a gorgeous spring day, warm enough for just a light fleece jacket. So I decided, since bok choi and daikon radish like the cooler weather of early spring, I would plant some now, in a window box planter. I'll take it in in the evenings, when it drops below zero C, and during the days, as long as it's above freezing, I'll put it in a sheltered sunny area of our back deck. I just couldn't take it anymore! It's WAY too early to be planting things in the earth, but I think this plan might work. And even if it doesn't, maybe I got some of the gardening fever out of my system! :)

Other animals are out enjoying the nice weather: I keep running into ducks having a nice little swim in some of the swamp runoff "streams" in our neighbourhood. And the other day, I saw a huge crow deftly snap a twig off a tree, and carefully gather it in his claw, then make a happy little chortle noise. Guess it's nest building time! :)

While I was out digging in the dirt today, a little lady squirrel joined me, happily eating the sunflower seeds I put out for her. What a little dear she was.

I got out my seeds saved from last year. The bok choi seeds were very easy to get out of their pods - the pods were very delicate and broke open easily.

The daikon radish, on the other hand, were encased in much tougher and thicker pods:

After a lot of picking at it with my fingernails, you can see the little seed inside:

A little more picking, and there he is!

I got some great soil mix from the Superstore the other day, so these little seeds should have a good start in life. :)

So, even without beans (for now), let BeanDreams 2008 begin!

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